Our Story


We at Weave Core celebrate heritage and share our love for the craft of shawls with the world. The excellence of quality, designs and exclusivity of our products speak for itself.

Our Founder, founded ‘Weave Core’ with a passion for art in the items of luxury, especially Pashmina, one of the most exquisite fabric, while bringing back to life the rich heritage of Kashmir and appreciating the master craftsmanship and once again letting you experience the fine wool, skilled weaving, intricate embroidery and the softest texture on your skin.


Our Management works to applaud the underappreciated art of craftsmen to give their skills the most deserving worth by sharing with the world the authentic weaving of the most skilled artists, with hopes of supporting and empowering local artisans and their families for the hard work and for indubitably the most beautiful art they are providing us with.


We invest in the art that has zero negative impacts on the planet that we share, and since we share it, we firmly believe in sharing the responsibilities of preserving the environment too.

We offer fashion without cruelty, with environmental friendly policies, for you to enjoy the classic elegance.


The idea of uniqueness is the most attractive to us. We tend to keep our designs exclusive and only offer limited number of designs that the lucky ones grab, as we are sure, that you too, would not want everyone ending up with the same thing in the end.